Dr Susan Hitchin

Forensic Support and Specialised Technical Databases Unit
Coordinator, DNA Unit, Forensics & Police Data Management Sub-Directorate,

Susan Hitchin is the Coordinator of the DNA Unit which is part of the Forensic and Police Data Management Sub-Directorate at INTERPOL’s Headquarters. In this role, Susan has primary responsibility for INTERPOL’s DNA-related programmes and initiatives set up to support the growing, yet challenging, domain of international exchange of DNA data relating to criminal investigations and missing persons.

Susan joined INTERPOL in 2002 as a member of the team that designed the INTERPOL DNA Database. Since that time she has regularly represented INTERPOL at various meetings, working groups, and incident response teams to address issues such as DNA data exchange, disaster victim identification and wildlife trafficking.

Working with law enforcement agencies, the forensic community and other international agencies, Susan is actively involved in assisting and supporting countries in sharing DNA data in the framework of international police cooperation.

Susan holds a PhD in molecular biology from Coventry University, UK, and was an Entente Cordiale scholar, a British Council programme aimed at encouraging post-graduate research collaboration between the United Kingdom and France.